Amazon’s stock sales have reached 10 Billion$ for the first time

Amazon has sold its AMZN stock for around 10 Billion$ in many years later after it has launched. Amazon normally used to sell the share for the price of 2000$ to the lowest 1000$ almost every year.

Amazon sold almost 3 Billion$ worth of share in just a few weeks as he was selling his share stock price at 2915$ to 3079$ which was the price of its stock recorded on Wednesday’s sale.

During this Wednesday Amazon sold around 1Million share in the market which had ultimately resulted in a profit for Amazon as many investors were doing so after the relief during the pandemic.

The August of the last year Amazon had sold a total stock of 3 Billion$ in stock and told that they were going to sell more 4 Million$ stock.

Jeff Bezos told than in 2017, he was going to sell 1 Million$ in stock because he wanted to fund his blue origin space venture, but since then Jeff Bezos have been increasing the size and price of his stock.

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 And then in the year 2018, Amazon sold a total share of 2.8 Billion$ because they wanted to take funding to research on their upcoming project but there is no news of it releasing so soon.

In mid-march, Amazon’s stock price has risen over double as the investors think that this huge E-commerce company can save their money from this pandemic and will be able to make huge profits.

The company released a statement in which they said that they have a revenue of 96.1 Billion$ and is around 37% increase than its last year quarter and this was a record as it made all those analysts fail to make a correct prediction about the revenue which they will make during this pandemic.

Amazon’s total market capitalization is around 1.6 Trillion$ which makes it an elite company alongside Microsoft, Apple which are those companies that make a huge amount of profit every year.

When Jeff Bezos was divorced with Mackenzie last year and during his divorce, the founder of Amazon was given 75% of the couple’s Amazon share price.

Bezos also gained the right to vote to what happens with the remaining shares of Amazon. Bezos gave Mackenzie about 4% of stake in Amazon which was a part of the divorce agreement.

According to Bloomberg’s Billionaire index Jeff Bezos has a total income of 191 Billion$ in just a year and then he made 76 Billion$ during the start of the new year. You can check its balance sheet at before buying the amazon stock.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.