How you can finally sleep well in a tent


Some people like sleeping on the cold ground, but others don’t. I seem to fall in the middle. I definitely have nothing against spending as much time as possible outdoors, whether or not I’m engaged in various physical pursuits. But I have to be honest and say that sleeping on the ground isn’t among my favorite pastimes in the whole wide world.

Since I prefer to go camping all by myself because it gives me time to think, I’ve learned some tricks over the years that have helped me deal with various inconveniences. I usually warm my sleeping bag before using it because I don’t like the feel of that artificial fabric on my skin, particularly if it’s chilly.


You can do this by relying upon several methods. One of them involves storing warm air in the insulation of the sleeping bag. The other is simple, meaning that you can just sit down on the sleeping bag for a while and turn it over once in a while so that the warmth is distributed somewhat evenly.


Another tip that I have found quite useful is putting your clothes on while you are still in the sleeping bag. I don’t think I loathe something more than chilly mornings. If you’re like me, you probably want to avoid that dreadful feeling that you need to get out of that cozy and warm sleeping bag. If you have your clothes on, you’ll at least soften the blow.


Obviously, you should invest in some good-quality bedding to make sure that the surface you’re going to sleep on won’t be rock hard. You can use a pad that’s on the smaller side. You can even bring along an inflatable mattress or just an egg crate mattress pad.


To get the most of your camping experience, I suggest checking on the weather before you leave home. If you are worried that some unexpected disaster might ensue at some point or the other, you should invest in a good-quality weather radio. Some of these gadgets come with solar panels, hand cranks, and a variety of other ways to power them. Actually, I’ve noticed that many modern alternatives even boast micro-USB ports that you can use to power your smartphone in case something goes wrong, and you want get in touch with the world.

Another tip that I have found useful is to wear yourself out. If you’re knocked out and extremely tired, you really won’t care about the conditions in your tent unless they really are unbearable. Camping isn’t all about eating hot dogs around the campfire, and you need to understand that. Of course, this pastime is also enjoyable when you’re hanging out with friends and family, but it’s not what makes spending time outdoors great.