What are Chinese Massage and Benefits of Chinese Massage Tui Na?

Angel massage is chinese massage tui na center with different types of massage services for each customer. We here at Angel massage understand every customer is unique and design the package for each customer separately. The origin of Chinese Massage goes back about 4000 years. Chinese medicinal treatment is considered to be one of the traditional ways of treatment. Chinese Massage is not only meant for pampering and relaxation. It is a valid form of deep tissue therapy.

Different types of massage by Angel Massage – 

Aromatherapy –Aromatherapy enhances physical and emotional wellbeing. The body is massaged using essential oils extracted from herbs, fruits, and flowers. The therapy calms and relaxes mind, body and spirit.

  • Deep Tissue Massage – 

In deep tissue massage deeper pressure applied during the massage which addresses the deeper layer of the muscle. The massage releases chronic muscle tension. The concentrated pressure helps the muscles to relax.

  • Body Massage – 

The massage is specifically designed to offer clients relaxation and therapeutic benefits. Body massage helps to release muscle tension and increases blood circulation in the body.

  • Couples Massage – 

Couples massage is designed for couples. The package involves a deep massage for both parties with special offers. You don’t have to wait till cupid day or winter for couple massage offer.

Angel Massage develops a massage technique depending upon the clients’ needs and requirements. The massage therapists pull various massage techniques such as trigger points, deep tissue etc.