A brief guide on short-term accommodation

The term “short term accommodation singapore” refers to a private residential dwelling (or part of a dwelling) rented to provide accommodation to a person or persons as it may be amended from time to time; it does not apply. This type of rental agreement is considered to be “short term” because it is for a shorter period than the establishments that provide commercially zoned lodging for the traveling public, such as hotels, motels, lodges, and bed and breakfasts, which are not included in the definition of “Short-Term Accommodations.”

Rise In Popularity Of Short-Term Rentals

People in the neighborhood who are searching for long-term rentals may have a more challenging time finding available housing because of the rise in popularity of short-term rentals. When compared to the income from a rent-controlled property, landlords can earn up to 20% more from short-term rentals. As a result, landlords are converting their homes into short-term rental apartments, which results in fewer housing alternatives for permanent residents that are available on a long-term basis. Landlords may also use pressure and coercion to force individuals out of their houses, which is especially common when tenants have a low income.

Neighborhood community organizations have expressed their worry that temporary residents do not have a stake in the community and are thus less likely to be mindful of how their conduct affects individuals close to them since they do not have a stake in the community. To curb the growing popularity of short-term rentals, governments are implementing new regulations. For instance, the maximum number of days that a home may be rented out in the short-term rental market in London has been capped at 90.