Buy Tescal From Tequila Stop In Singapore

Mezcal is made by the distillation of agave hearts and can be mixed with fruits and spices for a different taste. The agave goes through slow roasting underground in the hot rocks to gain its smoky flavor. Visit Tequila stop if you are looking to buy mezcal.

Types of Mezcal in Singapore

  • Joven is an unaged spirit with a clear appearance. For best taste, you should sip it neat right after purchasing it.
  • Reposado mezcal undergoes aging of two to nine months, and it can be either elaborated with pure agave or mixed with other mezcals.
  • Anejo mezcal undergoes aging of one to five years to get the perfect taste.
  • Espadin is one of the most common mezcals in Singapore. Its popularity stems from agave being almost 90% of the mezcal market. Its taste changes with the distillery and the brand of the bottle.
  • Tobala is known as the king of the mezcals and is a rare kind from agave harvesting in Mexico. Tobala tastes fruity and has a complex flavor that makes it enjoyable.
  • It is another rare kind of mezcal since the agave used in this takes up to thirty years for aging. It tastes like a flavored spirit and comes highly recommended due to its rarity.

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